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5 Ways to Make Windows Look Like macOS

If you’re a Windows user but envy the sleek, modern look of macOS, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are several ways to customize your Windows operating system to mimic the aesthetic of macOS. Here are five ways to make your Windows computer look like a Mac.


1. Install a macOS Theme

One of the most effective ways to make your Windows computer look like a Mac is to install a macOS theme. You can find a variety of macOS themes online, and many of them are free to download and install. Once you’ve installed the theme, your desktop, icons, and menus will look like they belong on a Mac.

2. Use a Docking Program

Another key element of the macOS aesthetic is the dock, which is a row of icons that sit at the bottom of the screen. While Windows has a similar taskbar, you can install a third-party program like RocketDock or ObjectDock to create a more Mac-like dock. These programs allow you to customize the appearance and placement of your dock icons, giving you a more personalized look.

3. Get Mac-Style Icons

The icons used in macOS are simple, clean, and often colorful. You can download Mac-style icons online and replace your Windows icons to give your computer a more Mac-like feel. Alternatively, you can use a program like CandyBar to change your icons in bulk, making the process much quicker and easier.

4. Use macOS Fonts

Fonts are an often-overlooked aspect of the macOS aesthetic, but they can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your computer. Many of the fonts used in macOS are available for Windows as well, so you can install them and use them throughout your system. Alternatively, you can use a program like FontExplorer X to manage your fonts and choose ones that have a more Mac-like feel.

5. Customize Your Wallpaper

Finally, the wallpaper you choose can have a big impact on the overall look of your computer. To give your Windows computer a more Mac-like feel, choose a wallpaper that is similar to those used in macOS. Look for images with simple, clean lines and muted colors, or choose a wallpaper that features the iconic macOS Mojave desert or Big Sur coastline.

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By following these five tips, you can transform your Windows computer into a Mac lookalike. While it may not give you all the features and functionality of a Mac, it can certainly help you achieve the aesthetic you desire.


source: sompanews


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