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Avoid drinking tea with bread, eggs, milk and salad if you earn less than GHS2,000 a month – Economist advises

Dr. Evans Nunoo, a Ghanaian economist has advised Ghanaians against reckless spending amid the economic hardship.

He said people who take home less than GHS2,000 as monthly salaries should stop eating tea with bread, eggs, and salad for breakfast.

In an interview, the renowned economist noted that such breakfasts cost a lot and will leave little or nothing for savings.

Dr. Nunoo, however, noted that people with no family can try and may not feel the pinch a person paying school fees and other family expenses will.

“Two thousand Ghana cedis is a small amount if you look at our current economic situation. If you have to pay school fees and other bills. If you are a young person yet to start a family, 2000 cedis might be okay. Though you may want more.

“But if you are a family person, you don’t have the luxury of drinking tea and bread with eggs and milk. It’s too complex. Some of them even add salad,” he said.

His advice comes at a time when the country’s economic hardships have resulted in an unimaginable increase in general commodity prices and cost of living.

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The situation has made it difficult for some average Ghanaians to have a three-square meal a day.






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