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FIFA rejects GFA request to use VAR next season

FIFA rejects GFA request to use VAR next season

Ghana Football Association requested from FIFA about their wish to use VAR for the 2023/2024 premier league season.

FIFA isn’t statisfy with Ghana’s preparation and has ordered Ghana FA to broadcast all 9 league games on TV before the implementation of VAR in Ghana will be approve.

Ghana FA desired VAR be applied to selected games on TV but FIFA rejected the proposal.

ABOUT VAR: The video assistant referee (VAR) is a match official in association football who reviews decisions made by the referee.

The assistant video assistant referee (AVAR) is a current or former referee appointed to assist the VAR in the video operation room. The responsibilities of the AVAR include watching the live action on the field while the VAR is undertaking a “check” or a “review”, to keep a record of reviewable incidents, and to communicate the outcome of a review to broadcasters.


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