Titus Glover refutes allegation that politicians are behind Bawku conflict

Leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and former Member of Parliament for Tema East, Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus Glover has debunked allegation that politicians are fueling the Bawku conflict.

In an interview with Johnnie Hughes on the 3FM Sunrise Morning Show, Titus Glover acknowledged that it is true that the Mamprusies and Kusaasies in Bawku support the NPP and the NDC, respectively. However, he insisted that since the Bawku conflict has never been a political conflict, people should stop referring to it as such.

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“Who can claim or provide evidence that a politician is responsible for this conflict? I’m interested in all the research that has been done to support the claim that politicians are driving this conflict. The NPP does not engage in that. What advantage will it have for anyone if a Kusaase cannot campaign in Mamprugu and a Mamprugu cannot campaign in a Kusaase area? he questioned.

Titus Glover noted that the age long Bawku conflict has retard the progress and development of the town which used to be vibrant with economic activities.  He also mentioned that the Bawku branch of the Ghana Commercial Bank has been closed down which means government salary workers who are paid through the bank will have difficulty accessing their salaries.

Other institutions of state including the municipal assembly are shut down whereas academic activities have also ceased due to the insecurity in Bawku.

Though the former legislator argued that politicians are not the people behind the conflict, he mentioned he has heard that some people are benefiting from the Bawku conflict while people are losing their lives, and properties are being destroyed whereas the government has to spend a lot of taxpayers money to send security officers and accoutrement over there to maintain peace.

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“Apart from the two great tribes who have these conflicts, there is an element of criminality involved because I listened to the interior minister on the floor of parliament last week” he alluded




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